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Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) are computerised systems installed in buildings that control and monitor mechanical and electrical equipment. Improperly configured BEMS can lead to excess energy usage and low occupant comfort levels, impacting on worker productivity.

Energy Efficiency

In times like these, utilising energy in an efficient manner has to be high up on the list of priorities for any building manager. Our highly skilled engineers will implement proper optimisation, zoning & demand based control strategy to ensure that energy costs are kept to a minumum.

Power Switch


The comfortability of staff in the workplace is directly related to their level of productivity throughout the day. With that in mind, we take great care in creating the best conditions possible through considered design and creative software solutions.

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We at Kelvin Controls are fully aware that time is money and delivering a successful project on schedule is key. Our team of highly trained engineers are aided in their efforts by a wealth of experience, support and extensive custom strategy and graphical libraries to ensure that projects are completed in a prompt and high quality manner.

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Should you wish more information on the above or simply be looking for advice on what we can offer please contact Kelvin Controls, where we can discuss all options and if necessary arrange a site visit to give appropriate advice tailored to your budget.